When I Log Into Kodi I Get A Black Screen Easy Fix


I have had people ask mehow to fix the black screen on the TV when they launch there Jail Broken KODI device, this is caused by not shutting down your device properly, as you should always use the quit tab under power on your KODI screen, doing so will stop the problem in the future. So if your KODI launches to a black screen or Freezes you shouldn’t worry the fix to this is really simple and quick.


First things first do not unplug the power to the KODI Fire stick unit while KODI is running, you don’t want to erase the KODI content that is installed. Just go to the power tab to exit KODIin your in the KODI screen, and exit out properly by going to the power tab and under it you’ll seeEXIT. If you are not inside of KODI simply press the home button on the Fire Stick or device Now this will bring you to the main screen, Click on settings- Apps- (press the right button until you’re in “all apps”)- Scroll down to KODI- Click Force stop, then Click delete cache (NOT DATA) and then re-launch KODI. Your now good to go, again this problem happens when you just power off the device without using the Exit tab on the main screen of KODI.

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And remember anytime you launch KODI, you want to wait a  minute or two to make sure all the add ons are updated we install an auto update so you don’t have to worry about having the latest version of your installed Add-ons, this is a great feature on all of our Jail Broken devices and is something were very proud of. Using your KODI unit while its trying to update Add-ons often causes it to freeze.


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