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When early spring rolls around there’s only one thing on the diehard baseball fan’s mind and that’s spring training games. With our free TV app, you’re able to stream over two hundred and fifty MLB games live without blackouts. That’s a big deal considering blackouts are the bane of every sports fan’s existence. There’s absolutely nothing more frustrating than getting ready to tune into the game, only to find out you can’t watch it because you’re not in the right “market”.


If you’re the type of fan that wants to enjoy as much spring training baseball that you can handle you should be taking advantage of this benefit. Not having to worry about the blackouts is another huge reason why streaming is the way to go when it comes to watching live baseball on your computer.

Avid Major League Baseball fans don’t want to wait until opening day, they want their baseball and they want it now. So with over two hundred and fifty games of spring training baseball are the way to go to see what your team and other teams could possibly look like heading into the regular season, and you’ll be able to watch the entire 2017 MLB season. Get the lowdown on all the prospects and stay a step ahead of your fantasy baseball league with our FREE TV APP!


With so many spring training games being played, streaming is the perfect way to catch them all. Of course, they’ll be available in the best quality and free of pop-ups and viruses! Nobody has time to deal with that! Our app is tailored for the baseball nerds of the sporting world — come with us and soak up all the baseball that the Cactus League and Grapefruit League have to offer.

Did I mention that it’s free? Yes, free! Spring training will be here before you know it and our app is the best option to catch all the spring training games live, so download it today! Installing it will only take minutes and will never harm your computer, download this KODI like APP Today.

Television 9/18 Pc Software Review

The minute we've been waiting for is here. The very first root / jail-break for the Amazon Fire-TV was published and here's really a whole step by step guide.
Up Date 9/18.
As a result of recent applications upgrades that obstruct rooting, a Fire TVs can't be rooted. To Learn if your Fire Television could be frozen, assess your software version by simply visiting: Compare your applications variant with the graph at to know whether your Fire television can be frozen.
If you're establishing a fresh Fire television or are somewhat fresh to rooting, then you should pay a visit to the Starters Guide should you've not done thus.
Down load towelroot (tr.apk) by simply clicking the red icon in
Side-load equally APKs on your Fire Television. Launch towelroot out of the Fire television application menu.
Update: Together with the brand new variation of towelroot, the Fire-TV doesn't need to re start.
Notice: In case you can't launch SuperSU, consider uninstalling it and installing this new old variant.
Up date that the SU binary if required. Choose the most "normal" update procedure when asked.
Confirm you've got root access. Connect with a Fire Television through ADB. / /adb shell su ) you ought to see SuperSU request that you give ADB root access. Choose Grant.
It's encouraged that you side-load and install BusyBox to guarantee compatibility with all prospective programs you install.
Utilize the remotes rear to close down the snowy information popup. Choose the "Install Busybox" tab and then select "Setup" to set up Busybox.

 FreeTV for Windows
Free Download – Version 16.1

FreeTV for Mac
Free Download – Version 16.1

Watch live MLB baseball streaming on your computer with the FREE TV APP, downloading and installing this KODI like TV app will allow you to watch all the MLB games you desire. Yes you can watch any baseball team you may follow with the FREE TV APP. This FREE TV APP is easy and quick and will have you watching your team play within just minutes of installing the app.

When you want to watch MLB games on your computer your limited to websites with viruses and annoying pop ups and adds that take you away from what your trying to do, and that’s watching live MLB games on your computer. Stop missing your favorite baseball team play, just download the FREE TV APP install it and you’ll have access to every game in market or out of market.

How-To Use Free Television App
Choose the add on you want, add-on’s are like apps they contain the TV and sports links to your streams you’ll find shortcut icons to the most popular Add-on’s directly under the “VIDEOS” menu on your home screen, but navigating to the “Add-On’s” tab will give you a many more options to choose from, you can install any add-on you desire.


Browse through the add-on, or go ahead and search for the shows you wish to watch with the free TV app.


At this point you might be asked to “Select a Source”  sources are streams when it comes to sources or the streams, some work better than others (it depends on many factors), you’ll quickly figure out which ones you like and which ones work best for your TV streaming needs.


You now have the Free Television app installed and your free to watch anything you desire, with the power of KODI!
That’s it! We’re hoping that this TV app will be something you’ll use when you can’t get to your TV with KODI, many use this TV app on a daily basis,  Special thanks  to TVaddons and BlazeTamer for his hard work and dedication he put into creating this Free Television app. highly recommends connecting to the Internet through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) intermediary By connecting through a VPN, all of your internet traffic will be encrypted and kept private from your internet service provider.

Our favorite, most reliable VPN service for streaming media is IPVanish, which recently came out with a native app for the Fire TV in the Amazon App store! No more complicated side-loading!

For more information about protecting yourself with VPN and instructions on how to install IPVanish on your Fire TV, see our article here.