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One thing we get asked a lot is how to stopfix or reduce buffering on their JailBroken Fire Sticks and streaming KODI media devices. The main thing to remember is you are streaming and not watching cable TV. They are two totally different things. With any streaming device, whether it’s an Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, or even Apple TV, you are going to be watching streams from various providers who are often working on little-to-no budget. Because of this the quality is raely going to match the quality of a cable source. This however does not mean you cannot reduce buffering and does not mean you can’t watch high quality TV streams.

So let’s look at ways to reduce and fix your buffering issues.

General Rules Of Thumb

There is not one way to fix buffering, but there are a few mandatory items to check off to ensure that it isn’t your internet connection causing the buffering.

  1. If your Kodi streamer can connect to your router or modem via ethernet, you should make every effort to do that. While wireless connections are getting better every year, they still only get a fraction of the internet speed of the same wired connection.
  2. Make sure you have at least 5mbps internet speed for streaming movies or TV episodesor 10mbps internet speed for live TV streaming. This isn’t exact, but are general numbers to help you out. The faster the WIFI the better your streaming will be.
  3. Try a different source. There are always going to be multiple add-ons for anything your trying to watch. Sometimes I search 10 add-ons to find the stream I want to watch. All this takes just a few minutes, but it’s worth the extra time. For a live event, a stream can easily become overloaded and will buffer no matter what. It’s just a matter of how many people are watching that particular stream at that time. For example, I watched the UFC 207 and couldn’t find a HD stream for that PPV event. Ten minutes into it I found a very high quality link and enjoyed yet another free PPV on my Fire Stick. Please take the time to search through the add-ons before you just assume it can’t be watched.
  4. For movies and TV episodes that are in video format, different file hosts have different speeds in different countries. For example, OpenLoad may be quick in one area, but clicknupload may be fast in another. Find what host works best for you.

If you have purchased our devices this maintenance will help with Buffering and 90% of all problems you’ll run into with our devices.

Best VPN for Kodi Jailbroken lido

Troubleshooting Your Device


  1. First you want to delete the cache, which is saved in difference places so a few steps must be followed. All our devices have a clear cache button in the favorites tab for ease of use.
  2. Our latest units have 2 options to delete cache installed under the favorite tab, use both RAW Maintenance AND DELETE CACHE button. They both do the same thing for the most part with minor differences. (Note: Only click the delete cache button under raw maintenance, don’t purge packages or delete thumbnails, as this may delete our background images.)
  3. Next follow direction below to enable Zero cache system, it helps with buffering issues. (this only needs to be done once for the life of the unit)
  4. Inside KODI Click Programs>Maintenance Tool>System Tweaks- then enable Zero Cache- Click Yes on the popup.
  5. Now, exit KODI and reboot your device. (By reboot we mean click on the “quit” button under the power tab, and then unplug the power to the device. Plug it back in after you follow the next step to reboot your router and modem. You may also consider rebooting your modem and router at this point (NoteUsually if you unplug both router and modem, you want to plug the modem in first, and wait about 5 minutes to plug in your router.


Step one should fix most issues, but if that doesn’t work, follow directions for step two.

For Amazon TV Units
  1. For Amazon units – Navigate to Settings>Application>Manage All Applications>KODI>click Force Stop>click Delete Cache (not data).
  2. Unplug the power, plug it back in, and launch KODI.
  3. Fixed your problem? if not try step 3.

WARNING! Do not click on Uninstall App or you will remove your KODI installation!

For Android Units
  1. Go to Settings>Apps>Scroll right to All Apps>go down to KODI>click delete cache (not data).
  2. Turn off the unit, unplug power. Turn the unit back on and test it.
  3. Fixed your problem? if not try step 3.


Your device may be experiencing a lot of error messages such as “one or more items failed to play” it simply means that either the add-on is down for repair/update or that specific link is not working. You will need to try a different link. This is a standard error message, it DOES NOT mean that something is wrong with the device so please don’t be concerned.

However, if this error comes up for every single link you click on, its possible that your device is not getting a strong wifi signal. Even if you pay for 100mbps per month, that does not mean that your internet speed is 100mbps, since Internet speed can vary from room to room in your home. Also, most times your internet provider does not provide the speed promised. Here are some basic Wi-Fi troubleshooting methods.

  1. Note- Turning your router off by unplugging the power, and plugging the power back will often reset your router and fixes speed issues.
  2. Test your internet speed in the room where you are using the device. You can do this by visiting You generally want your speed to be above 10mbps download. Anything less than 5mbps usually has a lot of buffering issues.
  3. Next, try moving the unit to a room that is open and closer to the router, such as the living room. Even if that’s not where you want to use your unit, try this step to determine if the issue is Wi-Fi reception/internet speed related.
  4. As stated previously, if you have the Fire TV box or Octacore unit you can also try to hardwire the ethernet cable from the router or modem to the box for better performance.


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