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Thank you for visiting We are the largest distributor of Jail Broken Fire TV Sticks And KODI Jail Break Devices. We offerfree shipping on our Amazon Fire Sticks and a money back guarantee. At we want you to be happy and to understand exactly what you’ll get when you buy your KODI box from our top rated eBay store. We sell thousands of items every year and our reviews are great for a reason… WE CARE !!

If you are tired of paying for cable TV or simply want to watch out-of-market sports such as NFL, MLB, NBA,NCAAF, Movies, Music, and Pay Per View’s fromHBO Boxing, UFC, and WWE then your going to love the Amazon Fire TV KODI box.

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When you buy our top selling Amazon Jail Broken KODI Boxfrom us you’ll receive outstanding service such as if you have requests for specific App Add Ons or KODI builds please just ask and we’ll do there best to satisfy your wants and needs . We can accommodate you most of the time so don’t be afraid to ask. The adult XXX add ON’s are not enabled by default due to children having access to TVs. But if you would like XXX adult ADD ON’s turned on just put a note with your purchase and we’ll gladly load them to your KODI box. BUY THE FIRE STICK 

This KODI Amazon Fire TV BOXis Jail Broken and our Jail Break devices are only opened to add KODI (XBMC) to the box so they are brand new but since we open the box to install the KODI and Apps we consider them used.

When you buy your Amazon Fire TV Boxyour device comes with all original Amazon accessories including power cable, A remote and original box.

This Amazon KODI device is just plug and play and your all set to enjoy the content. Simply connect to HDMI and Wi-Fi, and your done. It’s that easy! The Fire TV device comes registered. If you want to use Amazon Prime to download apps, simply log in to your personal Amazon account.

There are hundreds of additional ADD ON’s that can be enabled and installed based on your personal preference. The Apps and ADD ON’s will give you access you to the content you desire.


What Do I Get When I Order A Fire TV Stick

Brand New Jailbroken Amazon Fire TV Stick – User Manual Included. Item is only opened to install the KODI software and ADD ON’s.

Mobdro, Navix, 1Channel, Exedous, Velocity, Live Sports, International TV channels and more!

These popular Apps will allow you to stream live sports, movies, music, PPV and so much more. See What’s Installed Here.

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No account required – User Manual included

Over 1600 TV Channels such as International Channels, Kids TV, Sports like NFL and MLB, Hit Movies (Many Still In Theaters!) News, Pay Per Views for free and many more live events are all pre loaded on your Amazon Fire TV Sticks and KODI Jail Break Devices.

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Amazon Jail broken Fire TV Box is our best streaming KODI Device and our customers love it. Your new Fire TV Box now includes Appstarter for easy updates of the KODI software so your always ready to watch anything you desire.

Our Jail Broken Amazon Fire TV Boxes now also come pre loaded with the #1 app for Live TV – Mobdro

Your getting the 2nd Generation Fire TV with Alexa and 4K capability, simply the best KODI Box available.

Your Fire TV Box includes access to over 200 Add-Ons that are constantly updated. These apps will give you access to stream and watch virtually any movie or TV show, sport or PPV event Free. MORE FACTS

What You Get With Your KODI Devices

  1. Movies
  2. Food
  3. Documentary
  4. Sports
  5. USA channels
  6. ABC HD
  7. AMC HD
  8. Animal Planet
  9. Arena Sport 1-2-3-4
  10. BBC News 1-2-3
  11. Bravo HD
  12. Bt Europe
  13. ESPN 1-2-Sport
  14. CBS-HD Reality-Drama-Action
  15. Cartoon Network
  16. CNBC
  17. CNN
  18. Comedy Central
  19. Dave
  20. Discovery
  21. Discovery Turbo
  22. Discovery History
  23. Discovery Shed – Investigation
  24. Disney Juniror
  25. Disney XD
  26. Euro Sport
  27. Fox HD – sport – UK
  28. MLB
  29. MTV – Mtv Dance – Rocks – Classic
  30. NBC
  31. NFL
  32. Sky Sport 1-2-3-4-5 – Movies-NEWS-F1
  33. Sky Movies Drama-Crime-Family-Action-Comedy-Living
  34. Sky 1-2
  35. TNT
  36. WWE HD
  37. USA Network
  38. VH1
  39. TSN 1-2-3
  40. UK GOLD
  41. True Movies 2
  42. Travel
  43. TNT HD
  44. TG4
  45. TBS HD
  46. TCM
  47. Ten Sports
  48. SYFY
  49. Star Sport 1-4
  50. Star Plus
  51. Sport Net World
  52. PTV Sports
  54. Racing UK
  55. PBS
  56. NBCSN
  57. NFL Network
  58. NBA TV

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