How To Watch Free PPV’s On KODI Fire Sticks

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With so many people asking me how to watch Pay Per Views on a Jail Broken Fire Stick I decided to make a quick tutorial video on how to view streaming PPV’s live and for free. For the following tutorial to work, you will have to have installed KODI on your lido or Fire TV Box. If you have not done so yet, please refer to out guide here: How to install Kodi on your Fire Stick or Fire TV 

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Now first off let me apologize for the quality of the video in advance I was in a rush and it’s not very good, but it does the job in answering the question about being able to watch live UFC and WWE as well as Boxing PPV events on your Fire TV or any other streaming TV box you may have. Last night was the Manny Pacquiao fight as well as UFC that wasn’t on TV so I slapped together a video, now keep in mind there were other add ons streaming both events such as Zen TV but I for demo purposes went with Pro Sport for watching the fights. Pro Sports pulls streams from Reddit and forwards them to servers that then stream the PPV’s to it’s viewers. There were many links available as you can see in my video and as the fight went on the bad ones were weeded out. The fights were entertaining and they were free so that was cool.

it’s not to late to order a Fire Stick to watch the PPV for free on Sat the 12th .. anyhow let me explain how this works. When you receive your Jail Broken Fire Stick you will already have Pro Sport installed as well as many other sports addons that will allow you to stream the Pay Per Views live and for no cost. When you click on the Pro sport add on you will see Subreddits that’s were you will click and thenyou need to type in MMASTREAMS and BOXINGSTREAMS the click done, that’s it you will now be able to see free PPV events in Pro Sport and they’ll all be live. Not every link will work and some of them will be poor quality so just click on a few to find the best streaming sites, this won’t take you long.  If you already have a Jail Broken  streaming device with KODI on it you can follow the instructions below.

Best VPN for Kodi Jailbroken lido

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Without further interruption, here is our video tutorial on how to watch free Pay-Per-Views, followed by a step by step tutorial with pictures.

Step-By-Step With Pictures:

Open up KODI, and scroll to your SYSTEM (or SYSTEM/SETTINGS) menu and hit enter.Best way to watch free Pay-Per-Views on Kodi Fire TV

From here scroll down to ADD-ONS.Installing Kodi Pro Sport

Next we want to INSTALL FROM ZIP FILE.Install From Zip File

If you’ve installed FUSION like suggested then click it.Step 4, installing podgod by Fusion

Inside of the Fusion addon you should see three options, we want to go the folder XBMC-REPOS.Step 5, installing podgod by Fusion

Choose the ENGLISH option.Step 6, installing podgod by Fusion

Once in here you’ll be greeted with all the repositories included in the fusion addon. Scroll down until you see (as this gets updated the version number may change).Step 7, installing podgod by Fusion

You’ve now installed the PodGod repository, now we simply just need to install the actual addon which is just as simple to do.

How To Install the Kodi Pro Sport Addon

With the PodGod Repositiory installed and enabled the next and final step is to install the actual Pro Sport Add on. This plugin scans Reddit for the latest streams posted and while most have had good success with it please keep an open mind that it may have down times.

Here’s how we get up and running to watch NHL, NBA, and NFL streams.

Go to the SYSTEM menu.System menu in Kodi

From here we want to once more go to ADD-ONS.Step 2 to install Phillips Hue in Kodi

Instead of choosing install from zip file, this time we want to INSTALL FROM REPOSITORY.Step 8, how to install pro sport in Kodi

Inside of here we should see a list of repositories that have been installed into your Kodi setup. Scroll down until you find the PODGOD REPO.Step 9, installing the pod god repo

Next select VIDEO ADD-ONS.Step 10, installing pro sport in Kodi

Finally we should see a list of all the available video addons in podgod’s repository. Scroll down until you see PRO SPORT and hit enter. You should then get a notification that Pro sport has been installed.Step 11 how to install Pro Sport in Kodi

You should now have the Kodi Pro Sport plugin installed. Now it’s time to use and test it.

Remember to click on Subreddits then just type in MMASTREAMS and BOXINGSTREAMS that’s it you now have NFL Games NBA Games PPV’s and a whole lot more installed on your Jail broken KODI device.

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