How To Fix Buffering Issues With KODI Loaded Devices Newest Version August 2017


We get e-mails asking how to stop buffering on the Fire Stick TV’s  KODI ADD ON’s .. first I want to say that  upgrading to the Fire TV from the Fire Stick will greatly help fix your buffering issues . I know that the Jail broken Fire Stick is a great buy and all, but you do get better performance with the Fire TV as well as faster load times. That being said I’ll try and help with fixing your issues with KODI 2017 version.

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Possible Causes and Best Fixes for Kodi Buffering Problems

Servers are overwhelmed with users can cause buffering issues

having hundreds of thousands of viewers watching a free PPV event or popular NFL game is probably the most common problem Fire Stick users will encounter when there device starts to buffer. Think of this as like your home WI FI connection where you have a certain speed at which internet data can be transferred to your KODI device, Fire Stick users may find the servers that host any online Add ON’s streams have to abide by similar connection standards as well as the servers get overloaded buffering may happen . If you’re trying to stream a NFL game from a ADD ON’s server that has 30,000 other viewers also trying to access the same event on it then the speed that stream can reach your Jail Broken device will be much slower and thus start to buffer than if just 500 watchers of this event were using that ADD ON’s server. Remember many ADD ON’s will have multiple games and sporting events hosted on the same server as the game your trying to stream, just because you have to understand that the amount of people watching the stream will affect the streams quality and buffer speeds. highly recommends Set TV, the world’s most convenient and generous IPTV service.

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