How To Download And Install KODI In The Google Play Store


buy-a-fire-tv-stickWe here at lido.spb.ruwant every one to enjoy the powerful open source media player known as KODI  the KODI software was developed by the XBMC Foundation. KODI has been around along time as we are now in to it’s 16 version of Kodi with 16.1 being the latest KODI version and the best yet , the media device is developed to work on a wide variety of platforms and devices ranging from home computers, to tablets and mobile phones, to set top boxes like the Fire TV Stickand Fire TV Boxour two favorites. But it doesn’t have to be used on the Amazon Fire TV family you can use KODI on  you’re on Mac computer, Windows PC, Android device, iOS, Raspberry Pi or Linux, KODI has what they refer to as Add-on’s which are used to stream live media such as Sports, TV, Movies and Music. This simple guide is going to cover downloading KODI through the Google App Store then you’ll need to configure KODI  Add-on’s to watch the content you desire.


After quite a long wait, Kodi is finally available for easy installation to Android through the Google Play store. This means that you don’t have to go through the tedious task of sideloading anything, you can just install it as you would any other normal Android app. This makes things so easy, it’s really going to be a game changer for KODI enthusiasts.

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Step 1: Launch the “Play Store” from your Android device.

2015-06-15 22.29.45

You’ll probably have to login to your Google account at this point if you haven’t already done so.

Step 2: Search for the “KODI” app.

2015-06-15 22.29.51

Step 3: Click on the green “INSTALL” button.

2015-06-15 22.29.57

Step 4: Wait a few minutes for the application to download and install.

2015-06-15 22.30.26

Step 5: Once the installation is complete, click on the “OPEN” button to launch KODI for the first time.

2015-06-15 22.31.09

Step 6: Wait a few seconds while KODI prepares for first launch.

2015-06-15 22.31.15

Now that you have KODI downloaded and installed you can start to use the Add-On’s to watch Live TV, Sports, Movies and TV Shows .

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