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SHOWBOX APP- One click movies and TV shows, no links to search from.



MOBDRO- One of the best live TV apps (under our favorites section)



CLOUD TV- Another Amazing program for live TV (under our favorites section)



ALLCAST APP- Lots of Live TV



LiveNow! TV plus APP- Live TV



Popcorn time- Excellent source for movies.



AioTV APP- Live TV



Vdubt25 – Lots of LIVE TV channels



Dexter TV- Currently the best Live TV add-on



FUBAR- Lots of live TV



Phoenix live TV- Lots of live TV Channels.



HALOW TV- Another Great add-on for live TV.



Free Streams- Hundreds of live TV channels.



MK SPORTS- One of the best add-ons for live sports.



Sports devil- Live sports and PPV



CAST AWAY- Great for live sports and PPV



PRO SPORTS- Also Great for live sports and PPV.



RobinHood- LIVE TV.



Cartoon HD- for Kids



Cartoon HD Extra – for Kids



USTV VOD (video on demand)



USTV- Live local TV channels- Set up required, directions in my instructional guide.




There are dozens more add-ons that we install that we don’t have listed here. And our setup allows you to add any add-on you want easily with a simple click. Video instructions on our website. There are many other upgrades we make to the box that are not listed here. We are constantly improving our setup to provide you with the best product.

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Why Buy From

We only sell Fire TV devices that are running on the latest stable version of KODI, which is currently 16.1 as of today. We have tried and tested the latest versions of KODI before we install them on any of our Jail Broken devices, this insures that our customers get the best product with the highest level of quality.  We pride ourselves on that, and we always strive for perfection in a competitive business like this we found that being very strict with our loads and installs and standing behind all our products that we can actually become a company that can sustain the long haul, and we don’t plan on going anywhere .


If you shop around online, I’m sure you can find cheaper and lesser priced alternatives to our Jail Broken Fire TV devices, we don’t deny that to be true. But we can guarantee you this much .. no other Fire TV seller puts in the amount of upgrades, features and time as we do to perfect our KODI setup. Most Amazon Fire TV sellers are new to the game, in it for a quick buck and won’t be here to support you after you make your purchase .In fact many sellers of the Fire TV are unfamiliar with programming KODI and have no clue about the features and Add-ons that hurt or improve there devices.


That’s why over 95 percent of sellers on e-bay are selling wizard editions of KODI, which is a very simple and easy KODI setup that requires almost no work on their part, couple of clicks and you’re done, we never sell wizard editions. That’s why you’ll notice the same background on all of those fire stick devices, they all look the same because they are the same, cheap ,quick and in-reliable. is far from that !! We want to be the best and sell the best Amazon and KODI Fire TV devices that our buyers can purchase.


Our installers have been doing this for over well over 5 years now, our setup is professional and reliable and our quality is tops in the industry.
We do 10 times more work than other sellers, and still we keep our prices very competitive with the competition at lido.spb.ruwe’re in it for the long run and we will be there for you if you need help. Half of our business actually comes from people learning about us after they buy a Fire TV device from another seller, we have had to upgrade many unstable and faulty versions of Fire TV devices over the years.


We encourage you to do your research before buying. With us you are investing in a superior product that will last longer, provide a easy-to-use interface, superior content, and access to features designed to make your life much easier; like our VIDEO ON DEMAND Feature, which is a one click system, meaning you don’t have to waste time clicking around on various links to get a movie or show to start, this VIDEO ON DEMAND feature is something were very proud of and our customers appreciate it, and you will too. No other seller of Fire TV on e- bay offers this feature.


We will never sell the quick install Wizard editions that are mass produced and sold by most sellers on Ebay to make a quick buck. We specialize in Kodi Installation, this is all we do, all of our feedback is for XBMC/ KODI devices unlike other sellers. Our installation takes us 45 minutes to program each unit, the wizard editions takes 5 minutes max. When you buy your Fire TV from you know your getting the best KODI setup you can buy.

HOT NEWS : Fire Starter Program Now Will Be Installed On Your Device


More Reasons Why Were The Best  

What is the difference between Amazon Stick ,  Fire TV , Quad-core box, Apple TV, and Octa-core Android TV Box??

The difference between these KODI devices is only the Hardware. The software and our setup is the same on all of the KODI devices. Better hardware leads to less buffering issues and better overall performance and this is important to many of our buyers.


If your internet speed is not the fastest, it would be smart to invest in the Amazon Quad-coreit is the best you can get. The Amazon Fire TV Quad-core Box has better hardware than the Fire Stick, which has better hardware than the Apple TV. We  recommend the Amazon Fire TV Boxto everyone that asks my opinion on what is best streaming device I can buy.  The Amazon Fire TV Box has the most advanced and fastest hardware currently on the market. All devices we sell give you access to the same content, and have the same KODI setup and offer the same amount of content.

No other seller spends the time to install the necessary patches for specific KODI add-ons to make sure they will work well into the future and for years to come. Most will do the quick install wizards which is easier and the faster way to do it, we never do that. With us you’re paying for a superior setup, which mean we install all necessary patches so the add-ons that usually don’t work are more likely to work, we make changes to necessary domains so blocked content is made available and it works internationally in almost every country. We also have a “soft reset” option built into the device, which fixes a majority if not all issues that may arise in the future. As cool new add-ons are released, we incorporate them into our Fire TV setup and provide direction on how to add it on our website.

Don’t be fooled all KODI Fire TV devices are not equal nor are they of the same quality as our Jail Broken Fire TV Sticks, Fire Boxes or Octa-Core Android TV Box, were the best and we stand behind our products 100 percent !!

    –   KODI Updates And Installs    –   More Facts   –    Watch Live Sports    –    Top ADD  ONs For KODI      –    About US    –   News And Tutorials   –   4 K Fire TV    –   Free KODI Downloads    –   Why Buy Here   –   Fire TV Box Facts highly recommends connecting to the Internet through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) intermediary. By connecting through a VPN, all of your internet traffic will be encrypted and kept private from your internet service provider.

Our favorite, most reliable VPN service for streaming media is IPVanish, which recently came out with a native app for the Fire TV in the Amazon App store! No more complicated side-loading!

This month IPVanish was named the best VPN of 2017 at the The T3 Awards, considered the "Oscars of Tech", and to celebrate they are offering 30% off their annual plan!when you use the offer code T3AWARD at checkout.

For more information about protecting yourself with VPN and instructions on how to install IPVanish on your Fire TV, see our article here.