Don’t Buy A Jail Broken Fire Stick Warning


Before you spend 1 dollar on a Jail Broken Amazon Fire Stick or Android Streaming Box you need to know why lido.spb.ruis the best place to buy a KODI device.

What makes your KODI setup different than other sellers of Fire Sticks and Android Boxes?

When we build and load our Jail Broken streaming TV devices we upgrade all the domains to the most popular add-ons so they will work for many years to come, and we also patch any KODI add-on that needs it like Sportsdevil and Genesis in order to remove content blocks, this is the best way to load any add-ons. We have dozens of features and extra’s on our builds like premium add-ons, and apps that other Jailbreak sellers don’t offer because installation is time very consuming doing it our way, such as live TV tab, TV on demand tab, live sports tab, kids zone tab, International TV tab, and favorites tab with everything you need in one place. No other sellers offers as many features and upgrades as we do, it takes longer, but it’s the best way to jailbreak a device properly.

  • We also have 7 Years of experience with KODI software and provide excellent tech support if necessary via email for life of the item.
  • We also constantly update our instructional guide and website to address any problems customers are having, and provide step by step instructions on fixes to these problems.
  • Even if you don’t purchase from us, enjoy our website free of charge. However please understand our KODI fixes and guides are designed for our Jailbreak setup, so even though a lot of it is relevant to KODI XBMC in general, many feature we mention will not be on your device if you did not purchase from, such as the live TV tab, power tab, live TV add-ons, premium add-ons, auto sleep mode, Video on demand tab, kids zone tab, live sports tab, Showbox, Mobdro, etc …

Most all of our competitors’ KODI media streaming TV  players do NOT support Automatic Updates, that are crucial to your device. Roughly about 99% of the boxes on the market do not come with automatic updating software and most do not provide you with a way to update your KODI add-ons, software or firmware which is critical. That’s why our Amazon devices are never rooted.

Did you know that 99% of the “Cheap” boxes on Amazon and eBay do not supply Automatic Updates or Technical Support or Warranties, we have been doing this for 7 years now, and sell more devices than any seller out there. This is the best way to build a device that will work for years to come.

All streaming media TV boxes periodically need software, add-on and firmware updates to enhance our customers user experience. Every add-on is different, they all have their own maintenance and video link updates. Very important and should always be done, no matter where you buy your device.

Best VPN for Kodi Jailbroken lido

We have designed, upgraded, and perfected our KODI build and our KODI setup has gone through dozens of updates to where it is now nearly perfect.. We have been in the business for longer than any of our competitors and we offer the best deals, support, content and a no hassle return policy. Shop Now if your looking at saving money on high cost’s of cable TV and want access to the best free content with a KODI streaming device.

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