Are Jail Broken Fire Sticks Legal All Your Questions And Concerns


What does Jailbroken really mean ? When people say a device such as the Amazon Fire Stick is Jail Broken this is really a word that apply to devices that don’t allow third party software in there out of the box state. A jailbreak is software manipulation that allows for installation of third party apps and streaming TV Add-ons. We use the Jail Broken term on our website because its a common search term when shoppers are searching for devices like the one’s we sell. But, our devices are not Jail Broken at all. Let me explain .. Amazon Fire TV and Android software such as our Octa Core TV streaming box are open source units that allow installation of third party applications, which is where all the content comes from, therefore we can program these devices without any need for Jailbreaking, I hope that answers the common question I receive all the time about our streaming TV devices .



You claim that your streaming TV units are the best, that’s a bold statement, why are your Jail Broken devices better than the competitions ? First off we upgrade all the domains to the most popular add-ons on all our streaming devices, this method allows your device to work for many years and is the best way to do a proper KODI set up. Next we patch any add-on that needs it like Sportsdevil and Genesis in order to remove content blocks, allowing you to get the full potential from your media device, many sellers do not do this, and it’s just not how we do business. And to make our streaming devices better than the rest we have dozens of features, premium add-ons, and apps that other sellers don’t offer to there customers, and the simple reason why they don’t do this is because proper installation is time consuming, such as installing Mobdro for live TV, a TV on demand tab, live sports tab, kids zone tab, International TV tab, and favorites tab with everything you need in one place. No other seller offers as many features and upgrades on there streaming devices as we do, we’ve seen it all and people are just wasting there money on devices that only work for a short period of time, and this in my opinion is just not how good business is done, that’s why we have been around for 7 years now. Our custom KODI builds take roughly 45 minutes to install and setup, many sellers just put a wizard install onto there devices, because it’s quicker, but it’s not the way to do it, add-ons should be side loaded, and Amazon units should not be rooted, doing so doesn’t allow for important updates to reach your device, and these updates our crucial to keeping yourFire Sticksand Fire TV Boxesworking long into the future. highly recommends Set TV, the world’s most convenient and generous IPTV service.

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