Update 25/8/2016: SportsDevil is now version 25.08.2016.

Update 29/7/2016: SportsDevil is now version 2016.7.29.

Update 9/6/2016: SportsDevil is now version 2016.6.9.

Update 22/5/2016: SportsDevil is now version 2016.5.22.

Update 22/4/2016: SportsDevil is now version 2016.4.22.

Update 19/4/2016: SportsDevil is now version 2016.4.19.

Update 9/3/2016: SportsDevil is now version 2016.3.9 and can be downloaded directly below. Current iwf repository users please reinstall the repository (version 0.5) to get the latest update.

Important note for repository users: in previous updates, the server got overloaded causing many issues for site visitors and repository users altogether. Therefore, in this update I took a preliminary step in order to mitigate that problem.
However, this is the first time it’s been tested live. So in case you’re experiencing any issues:

  1. Please be patient.
  2. Report the issue in the comments section or via one of the social networks or email me directly.

Thanks and Enjoy.

Update 17/1/2016: SportsDevil is now version 2016.1.17, removed AtdheNet.tv for its currently incompatible with the addon. As an alternative, users should go into Dimsports.eu category.

Update 31/12/2015: SportsDevil is now version 2015.12.27.

Update 05/12/2015: SportsDevil is now version 2015.11.22.
Direct download is already available, please allow up to 48 hours for the repository to synchronize.

Update 18/11/2015: SportsDevil is now version 2015.11.08.
Direct download is already available, please allow up to 48 hours for the repository to synchronize.

Update 03/10/2015: SportsDevil is now version 2015.10.2.
Note: Linux users may still suffer from a cryptography bug.

Update 27/09/2015: SportsDevil is now version 2015.09.24.2.  iwf repository will automatically be updated during the next 24 hours.
Note for Linux users: a cryptography bug may prevent you from accessing the addon. Either remove cryptography package, or, try upgrading it to the latest available version.

Update 18/09/2015: SportsDevil is now version 2015.09.16.0.

Update 20/04/2015: SportsDevil is now version, fix for FoxNews, disable currently non-working wiziwig, added couple more channles and more, changelog inside.

Update 18/04/2015: SportsDevil is now version, changelog inside.

Update 09/04/2015: Repository has been updated to version 0.3, should fix issues with installing the addon. If it doesn’t get automatically updated for you, please uninstall and then reinstall.

This post will try to be a complete, short and simple tutorial about how to install SportsDevil Kodi addon.

Installation is meant to be applied on current Kodi versions, whichever version number relevant at the moment.

Install SportsDevil

1. Download the following Zip file:


2. Enter Kodi and go to: SYSTEM >> Add-ons >> Install from zip file.

kodi system

Enter Kodi’s system settings

kodi addons

Enter Kodi’s addons settings

install from zip
3. Navigate into the folder where you’ve downloaded the zip (through the right pane menu) and select it to install.

SportsDevil install from zip

Install SportsDevil from zip file

SportsDevil addon installed

You should see a message after SportsDevil addon installed

That’s it, the addon is now installed and ready for you to explore its features.

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